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Insight. Outlook. Results.

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What are our clients saying about us? Read these testimonials to find out how Intalic LLC has helped other businesses.


“Sven worked with us to craft an overall Information Architecture Strategy. He was responsible for the technical aspects of the Business Intelligence portion of the overall Strategy. His deep technical knowledge was instrumental in crafting our principles and reference architecture that would provide auditability, scalability and flexibility in our upcoming implementation of our overall Information Architecture program. Now that our strategy is in place, we can begin to execute with higher confidence that we will deliver what is required to satisfy our diverse (and demanding) business clients! Thanks, Sven!”        VP of Information Architecture at a global retailer


“Sven's knowledge of global SAP deployments is encyclopedic. His ability to intuitively grasp how business processes on a global level must be supported by application infrastructures is the best I have ever seen. True expertise on global SAP projects, and how the global architecture must run, is a very rare thing. Sven has this expertise in abundance. As such, he is a highly valuable asset in the PMO of any global IT organization. It is also worth noting that he is a very nice guy. Possibly irrelevant, but it is easy to get along with Sven, and in my book that counts for something. He is a good honorable man, that happens to be a brilliant global solution architect.”       SAP Account Executive


“After listening many of his technical discussion and presentations, and being a customer of his products, I can confirm that Sven is an SAP ERP architecture expert. Sven has a long term SAP architecture vision which aligned with the business, allowing the right growing of the solution, looking for the investing of right resources and during the right period of times in order to maximize the add value to the corporation. Additionally, Sven has had the commitment of defending the SAP architecture in order to guarantee the global use of it.”      CIO of a leading south-american power company


"Sven was a terrific subject matter expert and could be relied upon as a great problem solver during our SAP integration.”    VP of a Life Science company



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